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Leopold Stuebner SJ

Apple broke the silence, at least a litte

At it's September 2014 Special Event Apple unveiled not just new products, the company also transformed its approach to product launches.

Apple's product launches are a master pice of PR. They really know how to get the buzz going.

For 2 days Apple dedicated it's entire homepage to a giant count down toward the so called Special Event

Even the big newspapers and major TV networks provide coverage for Apples events. Their reporting is earned advertisement space worth millions.

How is Apple able to achieve that? Their main secret is pretty simple: remain silent. This applies not only to the famous secrecy about unveiled products, but also to their social media activities.

Social Media seems not to be a part of Apple's DNA.

Their attempt to establish iTunes Ping as a music centered social network failed miserably and is justifiably almost forgotten. And until today the company does not utilize any of the social media channels for its corporate communication. The iTunes Store on Facebook and the twitter profiles of some of the top level executives are rare exception to that rule.

The social media absence by apple is happily filled by a number of third parties. News blogs and forums that discuss rumors and announcements are a vital part of the Apple culture. Sites like 9to5mac and macrumors.com report everything apple. Those sites regular crash around product announcements due to the extrem high traffic volume generated by curious Apple customers.

Getting Back Behind the Wheel.

With its September 2014 product announcement Apple surprised many observers. The company accompanied the live feed broadcasting the keynote with a thoughtfully crafted live blog. This second live information source provided high polished products photos and touted features and specifications. But also tweets from celebrities, who shared their excitement about the unveiled products, where featured during the presentation.

Apple Keynote Live Blog: Photos, Features and Tweets

Obviously Apple is seeking a more active role in the social media coverage of its products and services. And it seems as Apple knows once more what the crowd wants: Their combined PR-Stunt with U2 went trending on facebook and twitter on day one.