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Leopold Stuebner SJ

When helpers need help

Ebola is a national crisis. It is also a vital PR crisis for Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. Now they finally realized that they need help and hired a PR-firm to communicate their angle on the issue.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas is the center of a crisis. The hospital that took care of the nation's first Ebola case is facing a new challenge: They have to work hard in order to restore trust that was lost during the handling of Ebola situation. The Dallas hospital made mistakes, but not responding to press inquiries and accusations made it worse.

Hiding behind a facade: Texas Health during the Ebola communications lock down(AP Photo/LM Otero, File)

With PR-firm Burson-Marsteller Texas Health hired a company that has a track record in helping crisis-ridden health care institutions. And it seems they have good advice for the hospital. 

The most important step was to break the silence. They released a video news release that provided insight footage for the first time and earned a lot of coverage. 

Another step is even more noticeable: they replaced facades with faces. On a dedicated website nurses and physicians share their perspective on the Ebola crises and also their passion to serve the community.